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Myuo's (True) DAoC Manga

Vol 22: "Beef!"


Translator's Notes: Whew! Gyuu! "Gyuu" in Japanese has a multitude of meanings. "Gyuu" is often a onomatopoetic word for being squeezed or squished (e.g., "gyuutto dakishimeru" - to hug tightly, or "gyuu-gyuu oshitsumeru" - to pack in tightly). So, on the one hand it sounds like the sylvan is being squeezed tightly. OK now the "beef" aspect. "Gyuu" written with the kanji (Chinese symbol) for cow, as Myuo wrote in the original version of this cartoon, actually means something like bovine (adjective). Gyuu-don is a particular beef dish; gyuu-niku is literally cow-meat (beef); gyuu-nyuu is milk. However, you'd never call a cow "gyuu"; cows are called "ushi." This all goes back to the "Chinese reading" of a character vs. the "Japanese reading," which is really long and complicated so... too bad. All that said, "beef" is not too toooo far off. Thankfully, next week's comic translates just fine :P

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