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Random Thoughts

29 October 2008:

I suppose ALL Americans should know by now they should've registered to vote, and ought to do so on November 4th. But yeah, you probably know....

Woohoo! Nearly 2 years since I last wrote!

19 November 2006:

I happened to go by a church today, trying to see if it was one I might be interested in. Unfortunately, when I talked to them, it felt to me that my faith (which, granted, is not a typical type of faith) was put to question. Further conditions were given to me for what was supposedly necessary for me to do. Apparently what I already do isn't good enough - I need to do more to be true to my faith. Mmm, sorry, that all turned me off.

Speaking of judgment at the gates, so to speak, today's comic is meant to be humorous - one of those "I wish those cheaters would get a little comeuppance" sort of thing that many of us have occasionally felt in RvR. It's actually kind of far from, yet sort of similar to, what at least one of my friends describes as happening post-death. If you desire to know more, you might check out some Near Death Experience books out there. Even within them, expect to find a wide array of beliefs and experiences.

18 June 2006:

I was updating some of the Archives today, and I went through and read some of the older comics. Hey, some of them actually made me chuckle. I really suspect that God gives me some of these cartoons, though only God would know what use these webcomics are in the grand scheme of things. I know, I keep saying that, but it's true....
But anyway, I was pondering (once again) how ... um ... lame the art has gotten over the years. I went from fairly detailed comics to 80% stick figures. I have only one excuse for this: employment. When I started back in April 2003, I was unemployed. But thanks to DAoC, I actually landed a job (yes, thanks to DAoC, though more properly (again) God). Although for a while after starting my job in 2004 I did have time to put in some detail, lately, with a pretty long commute thrown into my daily routine (about 90 min. each way) I have not really had the time or the energy. So, I would like to apologize for the stick figures! Ironically, a webcomic-creator friend (who helped me get started with some excellent advice) once had an I-have-no-time-here-have-stick-figures comic on his normally detailed webcomic site (at least, I think it was the same guy). I looked at it and thought, "Wow, I hope I never come to doing just stick figures!" But it's a slippery slope ... and here I am. LOL....
On the plus side, people at work have some ueber Photoshop skillz, so I've learned new ways of doing things. The commute is long, but lately I've been trying to get some fiction writing done on the train....
P.S. Hey, anyone who does prayer out there - I could use one if you have time. Thanks!
P.P.S. And may the spammers stop picking on the Cam Add forums! We don't get THAT much traffic :P

18 April 2006:

For some reason the last few TV shows or DVDs I've watched all pertain to our future on Earth - and the wildlife with whom we share this planet. There seems little doubt that global warming is occurring. Wildlife is disappearing at an alarming clip. I don't know about anyone else, but a world without wildlife just seems incredibly pathetic to me. I'm not gonna tell you what we should do - you probably already have some idea - but please, just remember the rest of the world and the organisms that can't write blogs or vote directly. If each of us remembers, we increase the chances we'll make the right decisions when the time comes.

22 March 2006:

I hadn't known the story of the song "Wimoweh" ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight"). If you get a chance, read this New York Times article before it gets locked up. The story of how a South African singer named Solomon Linda created a song loved by the world - and lost control of it. Now, at last, a little worldly help for his family, after over 60 years.

10 March 2006:

In San Francisco on Thursday, there was a fire on the tracks. The passengers on a train that stopped at the fire complained of a lack of leadership and communication. The crew, meanwhile, complained of passengers panicking and acting on their own and ruining careful planning. I thought of DAoC - of RvR and PvE raids. How many of us have seen uncommunicative leaders botch realm defense or RRs? And how many times have we seen raid members who messed things up by not paying attention to leaders? And how strange to think (at least, I think) that DAoC can provide a little "practice" for good leadership and good "follower"ship. I won't claim to be a great manager, but DAoC - just seeing good leadership, being a guild officer and occasional group leader, etc - has helped me at least a little bit in RL!

27 February 2006:

Friend sent me the quote (tacked on the end of an email): "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." I like it. I tried to google the author, but it's one of those popular quotes whose source seemed to get lost in the mists of the internet.

23 February 2006:

Ever feel alone and trapped by destructive attractions that can only lead to a bad end?

But I believe every challenge has some kind of meaning or ultimate solution that involves learning some kind of profound lesson.

Why does the path to wisdom have to wind through the outskirts of hell, and sometimes within hell itself?

I only pray the moment of insight and re-discovery comes soon....

And no, I speak not of the endless desire for more Arpees, though I have that too.

It is through solving problems correctly that we grow spiritually. We are never given a burden unless we have the capacity to overcome it. If a great problem is set before you, this merely indicates that you have the great inner strength to solve a great problem. There is never really anything to be discouraged about, because difficulties are opportunities for inner growth, and the greater the difficulty the greater the opportunity for growth. -Peace Pilgrim

25 December 2005:

'Twas the week after Christmas
and all through the world
did we remember the message unfurled?
"Do unto others,
as you would have them do unto you" -
inordinately simple, yet oddly true.
Perhaps if we lived it,
at home, work, and (even) play
we'd see the dawning of a far different day....

30 August 2005:

You know ...
I've heard a lot about the near future, how uncertain it is.

Even if everything continued just as it has, we owe it to ourselves to take stock of who and where we are.

The slick stuff sold in TV commercials ... is it really important?
The anger and resentment we hold ... are they necessary?

When it comes down to it, caring for each other (even if one's only friends are online), and also caring for this world we live in (even if one rarely sees real trees or real water), are - in my opinion - of far greater importance.

Not saying I know what to do.

Just saying it's worth thinking about....

29 August 2005:

In all seriousness,
we live in uncertain times. Actually, we always have - no one is actually ever truly safe; this world is risky. But that said, it's up to us to pull together and help each other out in times of great stress and trial.
Also, I encourage all of us (including myself) to always be ready for natural or even small-scale disasters. It's not a bad idea to have some extra water stored in the car and home, and things to keep one warm and dry and fed.
In the meantime, please keep the people in the hurricane's path in your thoughts today.

24 July 2005:

I strongly agree with Gisli's reasons for returning to DAoC. That said, I have seen how other players on other servers often play more for the challenge of beating other gank groups - less realm pride, more guild pride. The great thing about DAoC is that both play styles are supported, although there are times when a realm must band together or face humiliating relic defeats. But for me, personally, nothing beats seeing so many people rally to defend the realm - and seeing the interesting strategies, tactics, and acts of leadership that make good RvR possible.

22 June 2005:

Speaking of war, here's one of my favorite books: Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words. Peace Pilgrim was a silver-haired lady who walked across the United States many times across 28 years, from 1953 to 1981, on a pilgrimage to promote peace, both internal and worldly. Her message was simply this: This is the way of peace -- overcome evil with good, and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love. I don't agree with everything she says, of course (I don't 100% agree with any author), but I love her book and have learned a lot from it.

04 June 2005:

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? I understand a huge percentage of hits are from Deutschland. Wie geht's? Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht, so keine Deutsche emails, bitte.

25 May 2005:

Some weeks ago I did a weeklong theme on cancer - a serious topic, and one all too real in Real Life. I wish all of you who are facing it the very best. I was at a public event the other day, and realized that statistically speaking, a number of people in that crowd were probably facing, starting, or in the middle of treatment.... Not to mention people who needed to be tested... don't put it off too long.

28 Dec. 2004: Tsunami Relief: Help Ring a Bell

I was just on the phone with a charity to fix some of my personal data. There were bells going off and loud cheering in the background. Turns out the bells represent $1000 donations; as for the cheering, a big donation had just come in. As I sat on the phone I could hear more bells going off. The lady on the phone said that things are just nuts and the computers can hardly function from the donations pouring in. America is starting to reach out to the victims of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami. The charity staff is apparently deeply touched by the donations pouring in, and I am, too - and in the midst of all the sad news, it's good to hear that people are trying to help. But the victims will need more than thousands ... they will need billions. Many have lost everything, including not just their possessions, but their families. The least we can do is help them get back on their feet.

Help ring a bell for the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami:

  • CARE (CARE's director in Iraq was Margaret Hassan, who was kidnapped and murdered as you may have heard in the news)
  • Save the Children (Better known for its child sponsorships, they also do emergency aid.)
  • World Vision (Christian organization that brings in emergency aid and also does child sponsorships and the like.)
  • Midecins Sans Frontihres International Homepage (Note: their website was down today from the network traffic)
  • American Red Cross (Seems like we don't often think of the Red Cross til we need 'em....)
  • CNN's extensive list of agencies that are helping
  • More places that are helping

    22 Nov. 2004

    Not so much thoughts, but links:
  • EA: The Human Story (the 11/10/04 LiveJournal post that started a lot of the hype)
  • Employees readying class-action lawsuit against EA GameSpot news 11/11/04
  • When a Video Game Stops Being Fun NY Times 11/21/44
    'nuff said, as I work in this industry again.

    1 Nov. 2004

    I know a lot of people want to play classic DAoC, before all the RAs, before ToA, before NF. But do you realize just how much has been added since launch? Remember back when places like CF and various dungeons were not itemized? Remember the bug where you were a walking corpse? Everything mentioned in today's comic has been added in the last few years AFTER the game launched. Kudos to Mythic for all the hard work. And uh, yeah, lots of stuff I wish hadn't been put in, but all in all, I still love the game.

    27 Oct. 2004

    Woot, cool lunar eclipse! And woot, Curse of the Bambino is ended!! (AKA Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series for the first time in 86 years....)

    21 Oct. 2004

    Hmm, I'm posting cartoons ahead of midnight local time.... Oh well, it's the 22nd of October if I were on the East Coast of the US, so good enough, right? Still not used to being on the Other Coast....

    11 Oct. 2004

    I just heard Christopher Reeve passed on. I realize it sounds strange, but it feels a little darker in the world without the well-known, much-loved champion of spinal cord injury research. I can only guess, though, that he's free of the limitations of the physical realm now. In the meantime, I can only hope that more progress is made on Earth for the treatment of spinal and brain injuries....

    6 Sept. 2004:

    Darn it Schneedrache, you're reminding me I need a Photoshop a little better than the 1998 Photoshop 5.0 LE! (I'm using it cuz I bought it, and it's legal.) Perhaps soon I will get (actually buy) a new version of Photoshop, just for the nice pretty features that have been added since way back when. /cry

    9 August 2004:

    From the Camelot Addict Forum:
    Death is not the end - it is the beginning, a rebirth, a transition. It is when we shed the raiment of mortality and venture forth into the next world with only what we have built up within ourselves and between ourselves. We cannot take with us our earthly tools of status, wealth, possessions, but only our records of thought, deed, action, and most of all, attitude. At death, we choose our next step based on our ingrained patterns and habits and beliefs from the life before. Unless, of course, it is in DAoC.
    Yes, indeed, death in DAoC, or most MMPs, is a whole different kettle of fish from Real Life. And of course, it's because 99% of players couldn't stand leveling up another character from the ground up. I for one am one of those players. Cheap death in game helps reduce a horrendous waste of time in real life. So, cheers to in-game cheap death, because that's what this week's comics are all about.

    25 June 2004:

    * Today's comic about NF depicts people wandering around with maps, and hibs running off to fight fires. This is a sort of unfair generalization. Most who played on Pendragon have a pretty good clue, and NF isn't that hard to figure out - on the other hand, you may remember your first experience with /realmwar, and trying to figure out where to put the map so you could see where you were going, and making it transparent and then realizing you can't read it that way when it's against a snowy background. As for the hibs, who knows who will be fighting fires the most now, because obviously with NF, Emain just isn't the nice pastoral golf course it used to be. And hey, on Percival, Hib & Alb are busy allied against Mid, so it's all in Mid frontiers. Maybe various servers will have different places become "the new Emain" - instead of everyone in all worlds always hanging out in Emain as their preference. And finally ... is it just me or is getting DF going to be a royal pain in the rear for some realm/servers??

    21 May 2004:

    The "Enter this keep a coward and exit this keep a warrior" sort of thing was fairly popular on Mid/Perc for a while. It's possible Sentack may have started it; at least, he remembers making up the approximate lines and then seeing others say variations of it. Of course, it might also be spontaneous parallel roleplaying server thinking due to the obvious nature of entering and exiting keeps.

    14 April 2004:

    OK, it's the one year anniversary of Camelot Addict, and of course I had to do something pseudo meaningful. Although this particular comic is crappily drawn like a kid's crayon drawing (somewhat but not entirely deliberately), it does represent a juxtaposition of related thoughts ranging from silly to serious. First off, most servers I've been on seem to have a sizable number of international players. It's always nice to see people unite in RvR emergencies despite their usual day-to-day cultural differences. Secondly, it's ironic that play "war" could "peacefully" unite people of such different RL cultures (and also ironic that play cultures/play war could generate such RL feelings of anger!). Thirdly, SERIOUSLY, folks, please look at the state of the world. "We" vs. "they" mentality has helped bring about the horrific warfare, imprisonments, murders, environmental destruction, and other crimes... by every major nation and culture, to varying degrees. The world is changing rapidly ... we cannot afford to just let the "we"/"them" divide keep running the world into the ground (so to speak). That which we measure out to others, we are measuring out to ourselves in the long run. God have mercy on us, because we so rarely have it for each other.

    6 Feb. 2004:

    To be honest I didn't know Granarc very well. I did see him on /as quite a bit back when I was on Hib/Guin, and when I played again there more recently he was still playing and participating in realm activities. It was nice seeing a familiar name amidst all the new names and new guilds, someone still dedicated to the success of the realm as a whole.
    RL death in games is nothing new: I remember a tribute to an AC1 player who passed on. It was humbling to realize that AC1 (which I worked on) had had such a large impact on the life of a person I had never met. (Likewise, I am quite aware that statistically speaking, people who play MMPs must be dying all the time :P.) But even outside the game industry, each one of us has a huge impact on people we meet, whether irl or online. What we write, what we say, whether we smile with compassion or snap in anger: these things can literally change lives. Our thoughts, our actions, have immense impact.
    For a minor example, compare the first Camelot Addict of the week of 1 February 2004 to the last. The first is making a raunchy joke. The last is a tribute to heroes everywhere. I don't know if either of them is funny per se, but the mood they evoke (certainly in me as the artist/writer, and probably to any viewer), is very different between them. And this is just a very minor example of the effect we have on others. The power of kind vs. angry words to people near us: that power is very strong and long-lasting.
    May we strive to be ever more worthy of this responsibility!

    13 Jan. 2004: ToA Fix Suggestions

    I know it's an old ToA thread on VN Boards, but just to reiterate, here's my set of solutions for making ToA more tolerable. Note: these are my opinions only. While I have been a professional game designer, I am not employed as one right now, and I have never worked for Mythic.
    • Reduce some of the overwhelming power of certain abilities and artifacts. (Heal field nerf is overall a positive thing, IMHO; grapple still needs toning down, Stealth Lore is still a big problem for less-than-l33t gamer stealthers, the huge bonuses to casting time are said to be insane, why is everyone suddenly in that obnoxious shade form? etc.)
    • Make MLs less time-intensive and more doable across multiple days in smaller chunks. For example, reduce the dependence on rare drops and previous-encounter-dependent drops (e.g., item necessary for next step that went to the guy who logged out for a week), decrease the wait for certain spawns (e.g., the chess game in ML2 that's on a 20-30min timer), and make other things simply take less time (e.g., provide a friggin teleport or speed-5 buffing NPC up the solo encounter spiral in ML2).
    • Reduce the difficulty of a lot of ToA encounters. Frankly, big active guilds will blow through tough combats no matter what. It's just the little guys who get screwed. Give the little guys a break.
    • Make almost all ToA abilities, including ToA ability resistance, craftable. This would be a huge, huge step toward making ToA less of a horrendous pain for most people, and would help crafters tremendously.
    • Equalize and increase scroll drop rate, so that there aren't the fast-food-restaurant-collection-game "rare drops," and also so that more people will sell more scrolls at affordable prices.
    • Limit the number of artifacts one can have currently equipped (or limit the number of personal artifact effects that can be currently active).
    There are many more things that would help, but I think these would help considerably. One big problem is there is only ONE way to get most cool ToA abilities: endless hours of intensive PvE that tends to require large, coordinated groups. Providing alternatives, such as through crafting or purchases through player merchants, would help reduce frustration and support alternative play styles (including helping the player economy).

    7 Jan. 2004:

    Well, the "Who needs ToA?" comic was originally slated to run on Monday, but for some reason I felt I should hold back on it, even though I had a feeling nerfs were coming in soon. So now it looks like the nerfs MAY be coming in, but today (Wednesday) I'm running the "Who needs ToA?" comic anyway. Just as a sort of reminder... I have seen too many unbalancing changes to RvR, and too many casual players hurt or just plain left out. (Oh, and that little person with the staff in the bottom left corner? No I have no idea what race/class that is. It just represents your generic short squishy caster :D)

    1 Jan. 2004:

    I was thinking about the phrase "Happy New Year!" ... and thinking that usually it's a well-wishing for good fortune (or something). But the only thing we can control are our own actions and our reactions to events and to people (or sometimes we can only control our reactions to our reactions!). So I would like to wish that each one of us may make 2004 a little happier for all of us - within ourselves and in our interactions with others.

    25 Dec. 2003:

    Here's a little essay-like piece I just wrote up to celebrate the good side of MMPs like DAoC. Lessons from DAoC. I'm sure to edit it and alter it down the road, but in the meantime, enjoy.

    16 Dec. 2003:

    Well ... no way I can catch up with my guild on MLF as far as ToA goes. And not gonna bother with my shadowblade. But ... guess I will have to get another ToA so my shammy and skald can do ToA stuff together. BLAH! Best idea I've heard so far? A two or three item cap on ToA artifacts.

    2 Nov. 2003:

    Maybe I'm just bitter about ToA because I'm going to be SO far behind :P Oh, we found Lornas' thieves disgustingly fast last night, and the swim speed is markedly better with the crafted potions (I stocked my vendors full of 'em, go buy :P). That said, the line at Krojer was apparently still 6 people deep, and I hear rumors that ML2 is even more of a bottleneck fest than ML1. I hope it's all worked out and documented by the time I get back to DAoC! (Ugh and HOW many chars do I need to run through ToA? 3? 4? 6??)

    30 Oct. 2003: ToA Blues

    Been doing ToA quests for some hours, including lining up for hours to kill Krojer's cronies, and searching for hours for Lornas' thieves. As much as I think Mythic usually does a good job, I must also add my voice to those who are irritated that now we have Yet Another batch of stuff to do to remain competitive in RvR. Anyone with a lack of time, and/or multiple 50s, and/or with a main who is weak in duels vs. mobs, and/or in a small guild with no alliance, and/or who just dislikes PvE, will probably suffer horribly. ToA is beautiful, and has some neat stuff in it. But for DAoC? It's way too much pve. ToA would be a neat place to hang out and visit if it weren't for the fact the Artifacts and drops and MLs will be just too useful for RvR - making ToA no longer a fun hangout but a Necessity (yuck). And between quests that must be soloed, and quests that need 3fg, and the slow swimming speed, and the need to repeat these for multiple characters ... UGH!!!!!!!!!! Mostly, I'm worried a lot of my RvR friends will just quit.

    13 Oct. 2003

    Be sure to check Vol. 20 of Myuo's DAoC Manga for interesting Japanese translation and cultural notes regarding laughter. Ho! ho! ho! Ha! ha! ha!

    6 Oct. 2003

    So, right after watching the little bit after the "Blues Brothers" VHS video (roughly 10 minutes of talk/footage about how they made the movie) in which there is mention of Aretha Franklin, the video was put on rewind and the TV switched to normal broadcast TV, and lo and behold! someone within literally 3-4 seconds mentions Aretha Franklin. Synchronicity? And so, after posting Vol. 19 of Myuo's Manga, then digging up one of my own Camelot Addicts to start off this week and publishing that online too, I realized both of them feature a cute wittle wolf pet whose cuteness figures into the cartoon itself. Synchronicity?
    I dunno, lately I have begun to ponder if coincidences really are just coincidences. Maybe some are, but many others certainly don't feel that way. The Universe is indeed a lot stranger than fiction! (And if you think about it, the Universe contains fiction, and knowing some of the fiction out there, that makes it pretty darn strange....)

    11 Sept. 2003

    By accident I didn't post a Cam Addict yesterday (oops!). So today is Sept. 11, 2003, and I felt I had to do a cartoon that in some little tiny way conveys the message that I personally "heard" 2 years ago, which for me is this: if we - all of humanity - do not seek to learn more about compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and humility, we all are doomed to face worse than what we have seen. Not only that, but we can't afford to wait for the other guy to start the change first. So, kill dem albs/hibs/mids and hate them all you want (within reason :P), but in real life, especially your own real life, it is my hope that the exact opposite prevails!

    1 Sept. 2003

    Most people are familiar with the manga/anime based happy emoticons such as ^_^ and ^_- and the like (though the ^ symbol is notoriously buggy in DAoC). But having hung out with a few Japanese guilds, I find it fascinating that the "Japanese" style emoticons used most often by actual Japanese players are usually the ones indicating sadness, regret, remorse, and embarrassment. ;-; is crying/tears; T-T indicate copious manga-esque tears of regret; /_\ is covering the face in embarrassment. Then there are the not at all remorseful ('A` and A_A faces, but we won't go into those. ;) Oh, and if you see a Japanese player saying "w" a lot, note that it's the equivalent of "lol" (based on the word "warau" for "laugh.")

    25 August 2003

    Regarding the Too Much DAoC #4 ... when we had a little get-together of local DAoC players, we had a small line of cars going from the lunch restaurant to a local mall for a movie. Since most of us didn't know how to get there, we were very much following the leader, and more than one of us thought of the autofollow joke... and we even thought it was funny. Kinda scary, but hey, it's nice to hang out with people who understand DAoC addiction ;). (Withe/Wither was there too ;)

    9 August 2003

    Finally ran the "Romance is Hell" series, part I. It really is remarkable (well, maybe not remarkable, given human nature) just how MUCH flirting (or would-be flirting) goes on in DAoC. If you don't believe me, ask anyone with a reasonably nice and friendly female human avatar....

    1 August 2003

    Used to be that a search for "Camelot Addict" on Google would net 2 pages of results. Now it's up to 5! Woot!
    I feel like I'm missing a sense of community without the forums. I'm stiiiilll holding out on Melchoir (who might be moving across country) but ... but... /cry .... If we go with new forums every previous poster will have to re-register AND we will lose the funny stories like the one about the guy who couldn't gank the cute lurikeen girl in DF.
    Oh yes, a couple weeks ago I cracked a joke in Hibernia about "Den me barshed dem gud! Hur! Hur! Hur!" and a couple people actually got it. Woot!

    18 July 2003

    Wellll given the forum is down I guess I have to talk to myself here and wonder if anyone hears me :P. Among other things, I wonder if anyone has noticed the text that pops up if you hold your mouse over the pictures? I do put in img alt="" tags on all the Camelot Addicts :). Oh yes, and please continue to promote Camelot Addict among your DAoC guilds and friends and websites. Thanks!

    22 June 2003

    Commentary on today's Camelot Addict: I've been leveling a hib lately on a non-roleplaying server (nevermind I have a 47 chanter on an RP server lol). Anyways, the server is so totally the inverse of what I see in Midgard. It seems to be 30% enchanters, 20% nightshades, 15% druids, 15% bards, and every one else makes up the last 20% (I may be exaggerating SLIGHTLY but not by much). It's actually quite a contrast when I log into Midgard and wind up in an RvR group of 5 tanks/light tanks, maybe a runie, and a shammie or two. And it's also even more of a difference when it comes to leveling - no wonder the poor Mids have to rely on big DF raids ... no pet focus-pulling of 5 red mobs at a time replete with 2-3 pbae-ers to finish them off super fast. Pet-pulling is so ubiquitous that every Hib healer-type worth his/her salt knows the drill: buff the pet, heal the pet after the focus damage shield goes up, heal (pet) heal heal heal sit rest rest repeat.

    13 June 2003

    First off, if it's still Friday, 13 June, go read the news section for today. Aside from that, I thought The Family That Slays Together... on the Herald was a cute and nice little portrait of how families and RPGs can go hand-in-hand. BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF MOST OF TV IMHO! lol.

    3 June 2003

    Wellll 1.62 is out. Can't say I'm really happy about it. Yeah I have a few hib chars who should be happy, but I can't say I agree with such a big nerf on a couple player classes this late into the game, and I think the idea of light tanks having to use positionals is ... uh ... silly (when's the last time you had time to set up positionals in a big zerg?? or even a little zerg???). More than a few people will be ditching Midgard, I'm sure. Ohhhh welllll.
    On a side note, the "Level 1 in DAoC" is an old comic, part of my stockpile. I suddenly realized it no longer applied after 1.62 :P (which did not help my mood, believe me). However, it came to me (was given to me?) that I could still use it, so I did. Maybe there was a reason I had a little toon in full plate saved up in the original version. I hadn't actually been planning on posting anything at all about 1.62 til about an hour ago. God works in mysterious ways....

    26 May 2003

    Wow... a big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to my Whines for Dimes. I appreciate it very much!!!!

    23 May 2003

    Argh! I submitted a whole pile of links to various DAoC sites weeks ago, and most of them still don't have links to Camelot Addict. If you run a guild, alliance, or other fan site, please drop in a link to ... assuming you like Camelot Addict, of course....

    20 May 2003

    Wow time flies. The forums have been interesting - glad to have a place to talk with fans! LOL it's weird having fans, although, having worked on an old MMP game, I have indirectly had fans (not to mention tons of flamers). It's tough when some people don't like your stuff, but I guess that's just One of Those Things....

    8 May 2003

    I played my (now mostly mana) chanter again a bit today. With power regen and a couple healers, killing a whole roomful of blues and yellows was cake. Sheeesh. Oh, and I will mention that I started this chanter soon after ship, way before "mana chanter" became a byword. Poor thing lived through some painful times... including the era when the frigging pet wasn't affected by the run buff spell, the time before there was a personal bt, and the time when pet damage got reduced and everyone dropped their (enchantment) chanters like hot potatoes (I was an enchantment chanter...). Ah! Those were the good old days....

    7 May 2003

    Webcomic artist Henry Chiu has offered some good suggestions for layout improvements. Problem is, I'm lazy.... OTOH, maybe I should do something about that top logo... ok ok it's a bit smaller now.

    5 May 2003

    In finishing up a few preliminary designs to put on t-shirts and the like, I discovered that no longer supports user-specified HTML tags in its basic stores (and didn't announce this change, either). Wow, I was incredibly pissed. That said, I owe Cafepress gratitude for providing a fun service (and yes, I have ordered from them and the merchandise quality is fine - and if not, their customer service is pretty good). That said, though, it took a lot of my old Cafepress enthusiasm and turned it into distrust. Oh well, it's a company....

    23 April 2003

    I wasn't planning on posting a new comic today, but after enduring some heavy-duty Left Axe flaming sessions, I have to now :)

    21 April 2003

    It occurs to me that people reading these may wonder if I am partial to a certain realm over others. Actually, any realm I'm in, I enjoy bashing the other two realms; and since I have high level chars in all three realms, I have complained about every realm in the game. I also keep in mind that behind every evil Alb, Hib, or Mid is another human being who is also there to simply have fun. But that said, I admit these days I am mostly in Midgard, and I enjoy my characters there quite a bit.

    17 April 2003

    Another new comic is up :P The first couple weeks I plan to post a number of comics fairly frequently, then settle back to 1-3 a week. Today we were taking back Bled and we had so many of our assassins in the tower a fellow assassin thought we were doing keep defense... LOL.

    16 April 2003

    LOL. Well, a sizeable percentage of people just don't seem to "get" the first comic. That bodes well... not. "Come on in! The water's fine!" is just a joke - the kind of thing the Mid gank squad (or Alb, or Hib) would say to the Albs or Hibs (or Mids) newly arriving in DF. Nothing to do with actual water :P Haven't you ever seen poor little grey-con lowbies rushing happily into DF only to get slaughtered by enemies??

    14 April 2003

    We're having a discussion about female avatars(toons) in games, and talking about playing opposite gender characters. It's all very interesting. Some people learn a lot about the other gender via how their opposite-gender toon is treated.
    That said, I really do wonder why so many people like to hit on female avatars they don't even know at all. As the saying goes, "assume the so-called woman is actually a 14-year old boy." I mean, really.

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