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13 April 2008
Wow, it's been five years since Camelot Addict first started! Thank you to the loyal fans and friends who continue to read the Addict, despite the shrinking playerbase of the game this cartoon is based on... a game I still admire and enjoy, even after all these years. Thank you! The fact this cartoon has lived this long is, to me, a minor miracle. I have always been given ideas right when I needed them, though I can't say that my execution of the ideas has always been um ... artistic/high production value/understandable. But anyway, this cartoon must still be have some purpose.... for now, anyway! As I said last year, "my intention is to keep going until I'm told in no uncertain terms that this adventure is done!" (Of course, this could for some reason coincide with the launch of Warhammer :P) Anyway, thank you, God and Jesus! (And no, don't worry, I'm not a fundie =P... if you heard my guild chat you'd KNOW I wasn't... lol....) What a ride.

04 November 2007

The Wikipedia Camelot Addict entry may be deleted for "notability" reasons... although there are pages of Google links to this site, there are few references. Anyone know of any good ones? :P Feel free to update the wiki page or email me, or write an article for your "non-trivial" media outlet :P!

17 September 2007

Thanks to an intrepid and proactive reader, whom I shall refer to as J.S.L. [Larian of Hib/Guinevere], Camelot Addict is now in (English Language) Wikipedia. Thanks!

10 July 2007

Pauline (host of the Camelot Addict Forums) announces: Game Finder!
"Maybe you want to run a game and need a couple more players? Maybe you're a player looking for a group to roleplay with? Maybe you moved away to college, or a new city and you don't know who to contact? Use the Gamefinder to get yourself listed quickly and easily.. or search and see if there are other people in your area!!"

24 February 2007

I've updated the Links section with some new old links. For example, Camelot Monkey, Fida's Template Optimizer, and Kort's SC Calculator. Also, linked in's version of the old VoS ToA site.

01 January 2007

Welcome to 2007! This site has been running since 2003 ... thank you to all who have stayed with Camelot Addict over the years, and welcome to all newcomers! One never knows how long things will last - my intention is to keep going until I'm told in no uncertain terms that this adventure is done!

29 November 2006

Updated the links section with a few new Labyrinth links.

18 June 2006

Archives have been partially updated again.

25 December 2005

I've updated the rarely-updated Archives section (and this page). Mostly I want to note that by the end of this year, there will have been 420 Camelot Addict cartoons. When I first started this long ago, I don't think I had any idea how long a road it would be. (Back then I also had a lot more time than I do now, as you can tell from the increasing numbers of stick figure cartoons, lol.) Within the first couple weeks after starting, I happened to go to an anime con back in Boston, where I was warned that the hardest part is coming up with new ideas (I also met an old online friend in person, but that's another story). While that can be true, in general it seems that I have been truly blessed with ideas, some from readers, some that seem just handed to me from, say, Above. I don't know what purpose these comics may have in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like I've been helped, and for that, I thank God.
I also still love this game, and I love the people in it, and I respect the team that makes this game (even as a fellow game-dev, and that's saying something :P). /salute!

24 July 2005

I added one player's reasons for returning to DAoC, along with my own thoughts on the topic.

04 June 2005

OK, OK, I got guilt tripped into fixing a bunch of broken links. (Some were broken due to the recent server move; sym-links ahoy!) Anyway, I did lose a few sites from the links list, so if you know of any good replacement sites, you can let me know ;).

25 May 2005

Yay, server move is complete. We apologize for the cartoon outage of last week. Actually it's getting pretty tough to keep up with these when I don't have time to play :P But I appreciate any and all support, and I know there's a bunch of great comic ideas contributed by readers! Thanks :)

1 February 2005

Added Vanaith's Leadership Survey to the Leadership Resources.

6 September 2004

Occasional Camelot Addict outages scheduled for this month.... Next week (the week of the 12th), with any luck I will be offline most of the week. Camelot Addict updates may be spotty through the middle of September, especially during the week of the 12th (probably only one comic next week). Hopefully by the end of September everything will be back to normal, though I will be at a new job in a new state, so it won't be "normal" for me! "The only thing constant in life is change!"

10 May 2004

Check out Closet Gamers Web Comics, from Pauline Stapels and Erin Asplund ... (the former is the maintainer of the Camelot Addict Forums)!

1 May 2004

At least on the main pages, I replaced "Highlights" with the Leadership Resources link. Whoo, more arbitrary decisions.

14 April 2004: One Year Anniversary

Thanks for your continuing support of Camelot Addict! It's been a great year - over 150 comics, I believe - and I'm looking forward to MORE goofy DAoC humor through the next year, God willing. (And yes, thank you, God: especially for the occasional really funny ones that crack me up... at least, I think they're funny....)

Oh, and duh: the Leadership Resources are up, and have been up for nearly a month. :P In doing some random inquiries, I've found that at least a lot of Mid/Perc people have read some of the texts. I think the quality of responses makes them well worth reading for anyone serious about good RvR leadership, no matter what realm/server.

15 March 2004

I hope to have the leadership resources up and public soon... SOON....

20 February 2004

I am working on a new section. A semi-scholarly section, wherein I present documents and interviews pertaining to in-game leadership. Hope you enjoy it when it's done!

6 February 2004

Camelot Addict tribute to Granarc... but not just Granarc: for everyone who honestly cares about the world and making a difference. P.S. The link may not go to the right cartoon until you hit the "reload" key :P (stupid Mozilla). P.P.S. Yeah sounds like I would've hated his political views, but thankfully that doesn't affect RvR ;) More thoughts.

5 February 2004

I just heard that Granarc of Hib/Guin died. I heard that all 3 realms had a peaceful rally for him and that they also crashed the server. I will always remember Granarc as a great leader who was with Hib/Guin from the beginning. /salute! Granarc's RL obituary. He was only 37 :(

16 January 2004

WOOOT!! I have Tyrfiel (Hib/Merlin)'s permission to repost two LotR chatlogs.
If you haven't read the first one, here it is (I'm trying to track down the author):

1 January 2004

Welcome to Camelot Addict 2004! Some notable site updates: Lessons from DAoC, a rough essay, was added a few days ago. The Archives section is ready to roll for the new year. I had to move some comics made in 2003 over to 2004 because they weren't published in 2003, but hey, that's OK ;). Anyway, let's make 2004 as good year as possible for everyone!

9 Decemter 2003

This is cute, so I'm posting it here. Anti-ToA Petition. Now, I doubt anything can come of it, but it's still cute ... so ... if you don't like ToA, go for it! :)

1 December 2003

I did a few updates of the Archives page. Nothing exciting, but there is now (for example) a theme page on ToA.

23 November 2003

Well, I am back ... and uh haven't logged in yet, because I really REALLY don't want to deal with Master Levels ... lol?! Sorry about the sporadic postings; God willing, we should back on 3 per week regular Camelot Addicts. If you want to see where I've been, check out Rei's Japan Trip 2003.

2 November 2003

First off, this week concludes Myuo's DAoC Manga! Hope you enjoyed it! Whenever Vol. 24 becomes available, I will strive to post the translation here ASAP. However, Myuo is very busy (stupid industry; I know it well), so... I'm not holding my breath.
In other news, I am out of town for a couple weeks! Will update IF I can, when I can. I'll see everyone back in DAoC towards the end of November!

27 October 2003

I went through and updated the archives so that the Myuo DAoC Manga links go to that week's comic. That is, if it says it's for Vol. 13, it will now go to Vol. 13.

8 September 2003

We have a new temporary URL for the forums. Please use the link off the Top Level Page for the forums.

5 September 2003

I swear, the forums are cursed. That's all I have to say right now.

21 August 2003

Woot, a few minor problems with the forum URL, plus I'm having issues with a Perl script. I've changed the top level page to reflect the workaround URL in the meantime, so if you want to hang out at the forum, just go to the homepage.

18 August 2003

We have FORUMS AGAIN!!! Thanks very much to everyone who offered to help! The forums are now being hosted by Snowyanna at! (More info to come!)

13 August 2003

News flash: forum maintainer Melchoir is alive (just heard from him)! However, the boards are not. I have received at least 3 offers of board hosting, for which I am deeply grateful. I will consult with Melchoir and see what can be done - I may turn to one of you wonderful volunteers for a new forum.

24 July 2003

I'm starting to consider having the forums hosted elsewhere ... Melchoir, you alive? :P

16 July 2003

The forums have been down for quite some time. I can only assume Melchoir has fallen off the face of the planet (or at least the internet)... however the last I heard of him, his character had a wedding on Hib/Guin, so grats to him and his new in-game wife wherever they are.

29 June 2003

Obviously, I'm back now :P. Welcome to a new week of Camelot Addict!

27 June 2003

I'm out of town for a few days, so there will be a short delay for the week of 29 June 2003.

13 June 2003

The following unexpectedly showed up in the middle of a defense chat on Mid/Perc:
"For anyone who knows of Rhaella and Eldrik, their child has gone under for heart surgery and recovered for 2 days before having her lungs collapse and pressure put on her heart. Tomorrow (Friday 13 June I think? -rei) at noon and 6pm EST I am trying to organize a moment of peace and prayer at Svasud. Please pass the word and show if you can." -Ramm
I myself believe in the power of prayer, and I am passing it along.

9 June 2003

The forums are down again, because Melchoir's internet connection died for some reason. He's working on getting it up again :P. You can still email me at reijin_iii at though!

7 June 2003

I have a couple new designs up in the Support this Site section, from "Gaming Friends" t-shirts to Camelot Addict mousepads. Feel free to peruse ... caveat: designs may still change in small ways in the future (the wonders of online products, right?).

5 June 2003

1.62's great goofiness is warranting extra Camelot Addicts. And yes, I had to pull the 4 June one for a while to fix its factual content. lol

2 June 2003

Myuo's (True) DAoC Manga is now up and running (as of yesterday, actually). Please feel free to post in the forum with feedback, especially on what can be done better with the translations/presentation. Or email me!

29 May 2003

1. Forums are back up, yay.
2. This week I'm putting out four, not three, comics. You can thank the caster who AE mezzed and ran away :)
3. More updates to the Archives!
4. In addition to the Grail News spotlight, Camelot Addict is also highlighted on Camelot Link Index.
That's it for the news.

28 May 2003

(1) The Forums are down, and I don't know why. Am trying to find out.
(2) Thanks to Maia at Grail News for the big ad link!
(3) Next week, I will begin hosting Myou's DAoC Manga, translated over from Japanese.
(4) THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed money to this site, and thank you to all those who will do so! :) (Yes, it's anonymous donation!)
(5) (yes, one more) I'm revamping the Archives layout; thematic archives ahoy!

25 May 2003

Updated the look/top logo, thanks to Melchoir's prodding....

23 May 2003

Not really big news, but I have a new button available on the support page ... any and all links to Camelot Addict appreciated!

20 May 2003

I'm planning on translating and bringing in a few of Myuo's comics to Camelot Addict as soon as possible ("Guest Comics"? "Guest Artist"?? "Camelot Crossover"?!). Although some of you may have already seen them (via the links page), I hope having them in English will give them fresh impact and give them the widespread appreciation they deserve!

16 May 2003

I've linked in a forum that my friend Melchoir has set up for me on an offsite server. Thanks, you!

7 May 2003

I see that has posted my announcement about this site. Yay! :P (*waves at Trul*).... Also, I've added a few links, including some scholarly texts relating to genuine Hibernian, Albion, and Midgardian myths and legends.

5 May 2003

I finished up a few designs for t-shirts and mugs and the like. You can now purchase them through the link on the Support this Site page. Please do help support this site!

27 April 2003

I've gotten a few emails of support from visitors! Thanks folks, I appreciate it :) In the meantime I've experimentally set up a Whines for Dimes section, and I'm working on the Cam Addict gear. Yes, YOU can help support this site.

25 April 2003

Woot. Today's Grab Bag on the Camelot Herald site has a plug for Camelot Addict! Thanks Sanya!!

15 April 2003

First "officially" published comic is up. Welcome to DF! I mean, err, welcome to Camelot Addict. Pay no attention to the trolls trying to hide in the shadows.

14 April 2003

This site is up. Woo!

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