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General Sites

Camelot Herald
Official Dark Age of Camelot news and information (US servers).
Camelot Vault (IGN)
IGN Boards are useful for discussions, Team Lead reports, tips, contests, etc. VN Boards' ToA area.
DAoC Catacombs
Character builder tool, discussions, rants, fun stuff.
Camelot Warcry (or alternate URL)
Items, quests, etc.
Camelot Lore or at this URL
News, discussion, etc.
Classes of Camelot
Useful links to class guides included. Updated with Maulers.
Camelot Seer
Game stats!
Camelot Gatherer
Extensive stats collected from the various servers.
Game items, quest information, etc.
DAoC Wiki!
Includes lots of stuff! Very cool. Add information yourself!
Just search for it in Google.
Mythic Entertainment
The actual company website. Plus, Trials of Atlantis expansion pack site.


Camelot Monkey
Great way to keep track of all your characters - total RPs, total levels, total ueberness. Lets players include a handy URL in forum board posts/sigs for others to see their overall 1337ness.
Valmerwolf's Maps
Includes Labyrinth maps with named obelisks. Thanks Nemeses! Also: Shul's mini-map pack (thanks to Sorvad).
CharPlan (Character Planner)
Downloadable application; includes Maulers and minotaurs.
Ethinarg's Workshop
Highly recommended site; has tradeskill/crafting info. You can use Fida's Template Optimizer with Ethinarg's Workshop for figuring out your template. You can download the whole database if you register for free.
Fida's Template Optimizer
Delve your possessions into a chat log, then load it into the Fida's Template Optimizer. You can lock in artifacts or items you absolutely want to keep, and prioritize stats and resistances, etc. Comes highly recommended for figuring out your template. You will have to rename Ethinarg's Workshop db file to be the right name (, however. (Thanks to Feydiir!)
Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator
Prebuilds quickbars/hotbars for spellcrafting. You can run as-is, or feed it the Fida Template you generated from Fida. (Thanks to Feydiir!)
Vision of Sages' ToA site as per
Previously, one of the best references for ToA information.'s maps are better for some ML trials, such as ML2. (Thanks to Feydiir for the tip!)
lotto sorting program
Catacombs' Emblem Previewer
Design your guild emblem before you pay in game.
Catacombs' Character Builder
Lets you plan out a character's points.
New Frontiers RA calculator
Updated as of 2006!
Armor and Weapons Prices
Lets you calculate out price of armors and weapons!!
DAoC Spell Damage Calc
DAoC Realm Ability Lists
(On Camelot Herald)
Leyali's Guide to Obelisks Part 1 and Part 2
Leyali/Sentack writes up Labyrinth Obelisk info.
DAoC Realm Ability Calc
Frontiers Maps No longer updated.
Svendig Rockbottom's Dark Age of Camelot Maps
Some very detailed maps with excellent options.
DAoC Catacombs' listing of maps on the internet
Good launch point for finding any needed DAoC map.
Camelot Herald simplified maps
Trials of Atlantis Overview Map and Map Index (for dungeons, etc.).
Damonn's Guide to HyBrasil; Fraggle Hibernia Maps
DAoC Tradeskills
The Olde Apothecary Shop, successor to the now defunct Prissy's Guide to Alchemy
The most-commonly referenced guide to alchemy.
Leladia's famous Spellcraft Calculator
For all spellcraft calculations. Just remember you can't have the same stat twice on an item.
Motog's Crafting Calculator
Calculate how much an item really costs. Plus:
Motog's Door Repair Calculator
What it says.
A forum/board resource for all three archer classes. Hey, it even has an article by Raad (Percival)....
DAoC Trophy Mobs
Nice list of trophies from all realms. Check out the ToA trophies!
MMP Gaming Terms Glossary
Over 200 terms, with DAoC emphasis.
Netgaming English Conversation for Japanese players.
Help for Japanese players who need to know English gaming terms.


Camelot Addict Web Comics
Yes, the site you're on right now :P
The Lord of the Rings (LotR) and various spoofs:
Dem Hibbies
The hilarious Midgard-biased music video. Apparently, the words were originally by a troll skald from Mid/Perc ("Ayer Pauer"? If so, no longer exists as a troll skald, anyway) who was at the time in the guild Odin's Fury. Video credits: "Music by Jan Eugenides, the rest made by Farien"
Courting a Celt video.
Cute Hibernian failed romance.
Myuo's DAoC cartoons in Japanese
Cute DAoC humor manga, all in Japanese. These translate well: ranger trying for crit shot, druid who loves wolf pets, and what happens when your girlfriend picks a "cool-looking" toon for you (does that really look like Nicholas Cage...?).
GU Comics
Originally an EQ webcomic (apparently), but has some DAoC humor. Includes funny Left Axe Nerf episode.
Closet Gamers Web Comics
From Pauline Stapels and Erin Asplund ... (the former is the maintainer of the Camelot Addict Forums) Now with Game Finder!
Not exactly DAoC, but a classic: Eric and the Dread Gazebo
A classic table top RPG story.


Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts
Search for "Lurikeen" and "Pooka"....
Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Chivalry
Bulfinch covers everything from King Arthur to Percival to Lyonesse.
Northvegr: Northern European Studies
You can read about everything from the mythic Raven the Skald to this mention of Muspelheim.
Camelot Herald's Fan Site Kit
Useful stuff for any non-commercial fan websites. If you want to SELL DAoC-related gear (like I do), you probably should check with Mythic for their terms/conditions first (I did).
Home of Game Developer magazine.
Game Research

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