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Someone please spare me a plat?

No, seriously speaking, I spend hours every week working on these comics (and I'm not including the time spent leveling my chars/fighting in RvR ;). If you enjoy these comics, I would seriously appreciate any small contribution to supporting this site and this work. Not to mention I would rather not have pop-ups. I hate pop-ups.

Camelot Addict Gear

Camelot Addict Gear: t-shirts, mugs, stickers (including a bumper sticker), the goods (some preliminary stuff. BTW I have ordered from Cafepress myself, and their customer service is pretty good. Yeah, I'm not always happy with their management decisions, but I can't help but have fun with their stuff.

By the way, if you think a particular comic would be great on a t-shirt or mug or sticker, let me know and I can try to make it available. (You can contact me at "reijin_iii" at the domain name "" - or better yet, on the Forum!).

No, there are no ablative procs on the t-shirts. Sorry.

Whines for Dimes

Yes, you can actually (anonymously) contribute a few silver to help support Cam Addict. (The minimum number of dimes is 10, but more than 10 is also highly welcome.) Note: I myself never see your credit card info... or your name, or anything.

A big thank-you to everyone who has donated money so far!!!

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Or ... Check Out My Other Cafepress Stuff

I also have some other art available online and on sale via (yup) Cafepress. If you have an interest in: God/spirituality, cockatiels (especially cockatiels), lovebirds, shetland sheepdogs, aikido, betta fish, horsies, anime... blah, blah, check out:

banner for my general Cafepress shop =P

The various birdie shirts on the animal-related page are actually pretty popular!

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Note: You can send Camelot Addict feedback/comments to: "reijin_iii" at the domain name "" (this is subject to change depending on how much spam I get). Thanks!