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original volume 1

Guest Comics: Myuo's DAoC Manga

Myuo's manga (cartoons) are based on his real experiences in Dark Age of Camelot, and were originally written for his web site (in Japan).
The early comics, one may note, include a lot of comparisons between EQ and DAoC; you can consider the early episodes "Myuo's Introduction to DAoC"! Later episodes focus on the adventures of his guild, the Knights of Zedan.
(To the right is the original, untouched vol. 1.)

Why a Guest Comic Series?

In the early planning stages of Camelot Addict, I was doing some internet research looking for other DAoC comics. One of the first I stumbled across was Myuo's DAoC Manga. I enjoyed its application of dry yet gag-focused Japanese humor to DAoC, and I also got a lot of inspiration from the series.
As such, l have long wanted to bring the series over into English. After the launch of Camelot Addict, I contacted Myuo to see about the possibilities. He graciously consented to having English translations published on Camelot Addict.

Translation Notes

Some of the manga will simply not "carry over" to English and Western culture very well. Comics based on Japanese-specific word sounds, for example, cannot be translated over per se. However, it's the translator's job to get the humor and meaning across at (almost any) cost, so that is what I have tried to do.
As such, on some comics I've had to rewrite the text extensively to produce humor that a Western (or at least American) audience will (hopefully) better relate to. If there are problems with the translated comics, they are my fault!

Art Editing Notes

First controversial decision: I shrank the pictures down so they would fit in a browser at 1024 width screen resolution. (Note: the earlier episodes are actually narrower in width than the later volumes.) Also, at times I have: 1. flipped frames around to enable conversations to flow left to right and 2. edited the artwork due to the needs of translation. This latter bit covers everything from making new text bubbles, to filling out artwork that had otherwise been obscured by the original Japanese text, moving images around to better balance a frame that had previously been balanced for Japanese text, etc.

Other Notes

The original manga strips are all available on Myuo's site. The international copyright belongs to Myuo. So, anyone is free to just peruse over all the original comics.
If you are a fan of manga and anime, or a student of the Japanese language, you should feel free to go have a look.

What are Manga and Anime, really?

I have a fairly well-known and popular site on manga & anime. You are welcome to go see Rei's Anime and Manga Page (offite link).
Also, I put together a rough introduction to anime and manga symbology in Cam Addict comic format.

Myuo's DAoC Manga art and text copyright 2003 by Myuo. Translations and edits by Eri Izawa. Myuo's comics published with permission on Camelot Addict. Camelot Addict art, text copyright 2003 by Eri Izawa ("Rei"). Mythic Entertainment, "Dark Age of Camelot" (DAoC), "Shrouded Isles," are trademarks of Mythic Entertainment, Inc.

Note: You can send Camelot Addict feedback/comments to: "reijin_iii" at the domain name "" (this is subject to change depending on how much spam I get). Thanks!