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Some Camelot Addict faves from the past....

From 17 Jan. 2005: But it works in DAoC

Where's my Font of Health?....

From 29 Dec. 2004: Wah!

Next time... Grrrr.

From 25 August 2004: We Interrupt RvR to Bring You...


From 10 May 2004: Now how much would you pay?

But wait, there's more...!

From 15 March 2004: I think I'm gonna log now.

This one goes out to... me! and you, too.

From 17 December 2003: Plus, it makes me immune to RvR.

Mine!  All mine!  My preciousss!!

Three artifacts for the elven chanters under the sky
Seven for the dwarf healers in their halls of stone
Nine for the necromancers doomed to die
One for the game designer, on his dark throne
From the land of Atlantis where the waters lie.

One Artifact to root them all
One Artifact to stun them
One Artifact to kite them all
and in the courtyard mezz them
From the land of Atlantis where the waters lie.

(Parody of poem by J. R. R. Tolkien. Parody idea thanks to: Sentack (Percival))

From 22 September 2003: Poor Pets

Ooo, ahhh, eeee!!

From 8 June 2003: Sorry guys...

Yeah I gotta go, sorry

From 5 April 2003: Mana Madness

Everyone seems to agree: Nerf Chanters (yeah I have one so I can say it)
Gee, why are mana chanters popular....

From 26 April 2003: "Ooh, So cool!"

A lot of people seem to like this one :)
Ah star-struck n00b days...

From 8 May 2003: Eep!

One of the ones I've been meaning to get onto this page :P
Scariest mob ever
P.S. You can get your favorite purple con mob a t-shirt.
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