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The Plight of Poor Healers....

From 20 April 2004: Love that Cloak...

Shoot me, stun me, hit me, make me write bad checks.

From 26 April 2004: Why aren't you healing me?

Shoot me, stun me, hit me, make me write bad checks AND complain that I don't heal!

From 3 May 2004: Arf

I TOLD you...

From 16 August 2004: Healers' Joy

You shoulda followed ME, not the GROUP

From 27 Sept. 2004: Can you spot...


From 29 Sept. 2004: ...


From 1 Oct. 2004: Go for it.

For THIS I went through med school and interning?

From 21 March 2005: Wasted Healing

j00 suxx0r for healing me

From 24 March 2005: Wasted Rezzing 1

friggin l33tists

From 25 March 2005: Wasted Rezzing 2

friggin l33tists!!1

From 06 April 2005: I shall...


From 23 May 2005: Catch-22


From 16 September 2005: PvE v PvP

Stupid PvEers....

From 23 November 2005: Healers Untie!

Woot, is that a healing tank?

From 12 April 2006: ...

Needs more cheese...

From 07 February 2007: ....

OK, hold still so our healer can get in a deathblow!

From 16 March 2007: And again...

Someday, this healer shall have their deathblow...

From 21 March 2007: Yay!!

Can you help me get 1999 more deathblows for my title? Pleeeaaazeeee??
The End!

From 09 November 2007: LoS(e)

When you can barely keep someone alive with heals, HOPE they don't move out of LoS!

From 07 April 2008: Tank Leash(TM)

Tank Leash(TM) - keep your tanks and casters from charging too far ahead of out of Line of Sight. Great for anyone tired of rezzing the nut cases who push too far! Call now and get two for the price of one!

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