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From 19 April 2006: Nother myth....

Crunch crunch!
E3 = The massive Electronic Entertainment Expo, known for glitz, glamor(?), games, and geeks. New games are announced here; booths showcase products; publishers meet with developers; the press covers it. Think loud. This year's E3 is May 10-12, in Los Angeles. Someone's photo from last year.

From 21 April 2006: E32

Actually, this year they are banning booth babes... :)

From 08 August 2005: Yay.

I'm so excited! I love spreadsheets!

All of this week's comics are purely fictitious or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people, places, events, or whatnot, is purely coincidental.

From 10 August 2005: Yayy.

I love racing ga....

From 12 August 2005: Yayyy.

I thought she was still 2....

From 08 April 2005: *cry*


From 29 Nov. 2004: Game Company App #1

spell it right!

From 01 Dec. 2004: Game Company App #2


From 03 Dec. 2004: Game Company App #3

...hey wait a sec...

From 22 Nov. 2004: Sad...

awww /cry

From 12 January 2004: On the other hand....

Oooh ooh here's an idea...

From 15 September 2003: And it never crashes....

Whoa and the food actually tastes good!

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