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Week of 04 November 2007

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05 November 2007: Room in Group?

Room in Group? I'll camp... I'll log... Let him have my spot... no my spot... no group left...

Hey, the Wikipedia Camelot Addict entry may be deleted for "notability" reasons... although there are pages of Google links to this site, there are few "non-trivial" references. Anyone know of any good ones? :P Feel free to update the wiki page or email me, or write an article for your "non-trivial" media outlet :P!

07 November 2007: Safety in Numbers

Safe in the zerg (or horde) at last! ...until the bigger zerg runs into us....

09 November 2007: LoS(e)

When you can barely keep someone alive with heals, HOPE they don't move out of LoS!

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