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DAoC Guides:

Gisli's Leadership Guide
Basic guidelines for RvR raid leaders. (OF) See also why Gisli came back to DAoC from [that Other Game].
Ahm's RvR 101
Basic information for RvR group leaders, followers, and advice for tanks. (OF)
Laaug's Dragon Raid Guide (Midgard)
"This raid guide has given me 20 successful wins under my belt, none have failed." -Laaug / Buorhann
Lessons from DAoC
Social lessons learned in-game.

Non-DAoC Resources

Ret. AF Colonel Ben Swett's Leadership Seminar
General leadership pointers, with some good observations. (Offsite link.)
Qualities of "Cool" Organizations
Thoughts to ponder about what makes a "good" company, organization, or even guild. (Offsite link.)
When Women Rule - opinion piece at the NY Times by Nicholas D. Kristof 2/08
Marine Corps Leadership Principles and Traits
Thanks to Legessi for the link! 2/04
Words of Wisdom
Context: SCA women fighters' words of wisdom. Most of them can apply to anyone who is doing game combat for fun. `The fights you will remember longest are the ones where both you and your opponent leave the list field saying "I really enjoyed that fight. I'd like to do it again."' 3/05

DAoC Leadership Surveys

These people represent a fraction of the great DAoC leaders. However, having played extensively on four servers, I feel these people do represent some of the very best. I also believe their answers apply to DAoC, OF, NF, other games like WoW, and sometimes to RL.

Leadership Survey Summary (with links and comments)

The Survey Questions

Gisli Mid/Perc (un-retired)
Gisli has thought a lot about what constitutes good leadership; read his thoughts here.
Galroth Mid/Perc
What is Galroth's secret to calm, patient leading when dealing with 100 irritable players?
Candide Mid/Perc (retired)
Wherever Candide goes, RvR raids just seem to happen. Here's why.
Snapp Mid/Perc
A dumb troll can be an incredibly respected RvR leader.
Logard Mid/Perc (re-retired)
One doesn't have to be the one yelling instructions to be an RvR leader.
Delivis Mid/Perc (retired)
See why Delivis is a famous Mid/Perc leader.
Ahm Mid/Perc
Why has Ahm's guild leadership style affected so many people?
Daros Hib/Guin (retired)
Daros was leading RvR raids in the very early days of DAoC.
Sanger Mid/Perc
Why did most Mid/Perc leaders list this man as one of their respected leaders?
Vanaith Mid/Perc (re-retired)
He leads when he has to, so that all may have fun....

About Granarc
legendary RvR leader of Hib/Guin
and guild leader of Vae Victis.

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