Tribute to Granarc of Hib/Guin

Granarc's (Grant Eric Butenhoff's) RL obituary.

(Vae Victis Forum) Granarc's Passing

(VN Boards) All 3 realms on Hib/Guin had a peaceful rally for Granarc and crashed the server.

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(VN Boards) Hib/Guin /salutes

(Camelot Addict Forum) Vortac Verloren writes about Granarc:

"Indeed, Granarc was an inspiration to much of the server.
In the height of his DAOC career,
Granarc was the one man in Guin/Hib who nearly the entire realm rallied behind.
Granarc was the heart and soul of our guild...."

My thoughts, from 6 Feb. 2004.

Camelot Addict tribute to Granarc of Hib/Guin.
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