Laaug's Dragon Raid Guide (Midgard)

Here's the Dragon raid guide.

This raid guide has given me 20 successful wins under my belt, none have failed. I've managed to pull raids from a near wipeout of having only 8 people standing, to only have those 8 people be able to keep the Dragon in combat through suicidal procedures while getting the other 40+ people up. This guide is also for those new leaders out there who are wanting to pull a raid just out of the blue. Organized small raids possibly will not work with this guide.

Forming Groups

We'll assume you're raiding with 56 people.
50+ Every class except Seers, which are 48+.
Everybody is able to roll on loot.

All groups must have atleast 2 Seers, 3 at the most.

Once a full group is formed, get the leaders to tell you what classes they have. Organize them into Tank, Mystic, Seer. Rogues count as Tanks.

Form 4 groups. Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and Relief Team. Relief Team will have 1 FG in it while the rest have 2 FGs.

Rules of each class category

TANKS - Stay away from the front unless you have aggro. Use all ToHigh hit styles and Taunts. Might even want to consider using positionals. Your job is to fight for aggro and keep it. Do not put Intercept/Guard on any groupmates, although Protect is just fine. Putting Intercept/Guard is rumored to have the chance of being double up to quadruple hit ( Like to see you survive 4 800+ hits - got the point? Good )

Hunters, use Rapid Fire on Dragon. You have a "hidden" bonus against the Dragon - use it to your advantage.

Thanes, do not use your Dmg Add as the Dragon is 100% Energy Resist. Grab one from a Shaman or Dark Runie.

One last thing, do not /stick the Dragon or you'll be thrown all over the place. And stay away from the right front claw/paw as thats the center of her PBAE attack.

MYSTIC - Use melee pets only. Do not use caster/healer pets as they generally drive the Dragon crazy ( Caster pets don't even phase the dragon at all ). Supply the tanks with BTs, DAs, and maybe even Dmg Shields if you have them. If you can land a nuke, go right ahead, otherwise keep the adds off the TANKS and SEERS and watch for the Gjalpinuva Retriever spawn ( Very important task ).

SEERS - Perhaps the people who make or break this raid. Your job is to make sure everybody is buffed, healed, and rezzed. Nobody should be lieing down on the job killing the Dragon ( AKA: Nobody should be left on the ground dead ). If you obtain aggro from Dragon, stand there and take it like a Troll - somebody will pick you right back up. Be sure to use small mini-heals ( Preferbably baseline. Yes, we know they suck and is sorta pointless to use but still ) and everytime you rezz somebody, run out of the Lair till the message "You have left Gjalpinuva's Lair" is seen in your chatlog, wait 5 seconds then go back in.

Raid Leader

Yes you'll be running in and out of the lair constantly, so the raid cannot afford afk bots stuck to the arse of some Norse Warrior/Thane.

The Raid Leader will need to pay attention ALL THE TIME. I generally had people switch out Teams everytime the Dragon PBAEs to keep everybody fresh.


Way how this works is that 2 Teams go in. Generally my first statement in the chat is...

"Team 1 on Guards, Team 2 on Dragon"

Make sure you spam it like crazy too, while typing in caps. People hate spamming, but atleast it'll grab their attention and make them aware.

Keep the teams switching. Soon as the Guards are dead, have both teams on the Dragon - from there on, its up to you if the raid succeeds or not - depending on how you call the shots.


How do I do my loot system? I arrange it through 4 100% Items, 50 Stones, Remains, and Junk Loot.

Whats Junk Loot? The loot that isn't 100% quality.

Thats 56 pieces of loot. If you're running a 56man raid, you guarantee them atleast a piece of loot. That definitely keeps people coming.

( Now I know I'm missing something, as always, so if you remember what I'm missing, just add that in here somewhere. Wink )

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