Sanger Responds...

The editor has not had the pleasure of being in many Sanger-run raids or groups. However, a number of other survey respondents not only listed Sanger as a good leader, but some insisted that Sanger be surveyed. That's pretty powerful testimony right there.
  1. What kind of leadership do you do in DAoC? (e.g., guild leadership? leading multi-group PvE or RvR raids? RvR gank groups? all of the above?)

    Guild leadership, and multi-group RvR raids.

  2. Have you had any formal leadership training in RL? (e.g., military, leadership seminars, etc.)


  3. What background has helped you become the leader you are now? it>(e.g., raising kids, just plain leading raids in DAoC, having been a business leader, etc.)

    Friends. Their support and suggestions are essential. I never feel alone leading. My father was in the military for 20 years, and had me playing tactical games from a very young age, gave me a love of wargames from very young.

  4. What background/experience (in and out of game) has helped you with the *tactics and strategies* of RvR?

    Well, I'm a history buff and war gamer, so the tactics and psychology of war has always fascinated me. I've read Sun Tzu, Klausewitz, little Machiavelli, Patton, Sherman, and so on. I put my time in following people on keeptakes, and raids. I'll freely admit I'm not a particularly innovative leader, I haven't reinvented the wheel, and probably won't. Every thing I do I learned from someone else, usually because it was pulled on me. Punch me in the face with a tactic, I'll remember it and try to use it someday..

  5. What is your approximate age? (20-24, 25-29; or 20-29, 30-39, etc.)


  6. Do you have or have you had your own family? (i.e., live(d) in your own household (not your parents') with at least one other person)


  7. What are your goal(s) and motivation(s) as a leader? (e.g., to win? to make sure everyone has a good time? RPs? fame & fortune?)

    Depends on the scenario. When defending, I want to win, and win in such a manner that the other side has no chance, has no fun, and won't try that again. When leading raids, I lean more towards having a good time and doing damage to our enemies. When ganking around Emain or something, it's just for the experiences, memorable fights, interesting encounters. Arpees aren't something I really care about, I'll kill the same person three times in a row, for no Arpee gain, simply because it's the killing that's fun, not the numbers.

  8. What are the most important traits of a good leader, and what, in your opinion, distinguishes a good leader from a *bad* leader?

    A good leader has to keep the Horde driven and interested (fun). A good leader needs ideas (goals). A good leader needs to know the territory (maps). A good leader needs to be able to get a handle on the information coming in. BGs will usually turn into a riot of information coming from three different zones, as people relay sightings, keep spams, and guesses. Weeding through all that and finding the correct path is hard, but a leader has to be able to do it. It's not as simple as just running up to Bledmeer and sieging it.

  9. What should an aspiring leader always keep in mind? What mistakes should he/she avoid? (Multple answers ok)

    Aspiring leaders should be good followers. They should pay attention and experience other raids. They should never ever get an ego. The greatest RA Midgard has is teamwork. Keep it fun for everyone.

  10. What, in your opinion, makes a good follower?

    A good follower listens, follows orders, does what they can to help. A good follower doesn't just AF and turn their brain off. They need to actively do what they can to help the leader, answering simple questions in BG, helping organize siege, repeating the plan, giving updates of where and what the Horde is doing, exhorting people in alliance to come out and help, all those are things a good follower can do to help out. A good follower isn't blind, if they think the leader is doing something wrong, or needs a prod, they're not afraid to do it, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, they don't do it in open chat, where it becomes an object of debate, they privately converse with the leader or suggest in tells. A good follower doesn't undercut the leader's authority in open chat.

  11. Do you have a leader role-model, or someone whose style you emulate in whole or part?

    Sherman, plodding, complete warfare. Napoleon to a slight extent, no where near as dynamic, but I love this sentiment: "If you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna." I really respect how Galroth can fire Mids up, keep them excited and on task. Snapp's countdown before moving I think is a perfect way of throwing in humor, keeping everyone's mood light, and cooperative.

  12. Who do you think are other good leaders (in game/out of game)?

    Galroth, Snapp, Gisli, Craemma, Durgan was a good one if...rough. If effort translated to size, Peroden would be a Glacier Giant. From other realms...much as he drives me nuts, Teulu is one of the more innovative leaders around. For sheer tenacity, Rosso is good, though I think he doesn't quite have a handle on it yet. Sloane led some good raids, but never struck me as a unifier.

  13. Any more comments on your own style of leadership (and/or "followship")?

    Eyes. I rely very heavily on Shadowblades and Hunters and scouts. I hate moving blindly without some kind of intel.
    Gank groups can be your friend, if you ask them. Gank groups make good patrol squads, and good intercept forces. Sometimes they're a bit difficult to work with, but...
    It's never about realm points. Kill, kill, kill...there is more reward in reading the VNs and seeing Albs tearing their hair out and bemoaning their wretchedness, than in being RR10.

  14. Bonus question: Some of you role-play while leading. Any comments on the role of roleplaying with leadership?

    I think it can add a lot of humor and fun to the raid or action, I know I've called on the powers of my skull totem once or twice to bring us invincibility in battle. Confidence and humor are infectious and entertaining.

  15. Do you think leadership in DAoC has had positive (or even negative) effects in you and your Real Life? If so, in what way?

    Postive. It's made the game very fun for me.

  16. If you have alts that take up leadership, do you find that followers treat you differently when they don't know it's "you"?

    I've only led once with an alt, and had no problem. It was a minor keep retake, though.

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