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Daros was organizing multi-group guild raids into enemy territory in the era before all-50s groups, RAs, and siege, when af'ing the leader after combat was not something people were used to doing. In those chaotic days, Daros taught new DAoC players a lot about military RvR efficiency.
  1. What kind of leadership do you do in DAoC? (e.g., guild leadership? leading multi-group PvE or RvR raids? RvR gank groups? all of the above?)

    I used to lead SR [Suthainn Ruathar, an early Hib/Guin RvR guild], which involved guild raids, group leadership, and PvE group leadership.

  2. Have you had any formal leadership training in RL? (e.g., military, leadership seminars, etc.)

    hmmm not really, im not sure how you can really "train" someone to be charismatic or inspiring or confident...assertive.......etc Not to say I am/was some charismatic inspiring leader... hehe

  3. What background has helped you become the leader you are now? it>(e.g., raising kids, just plain leading raids in DAoC, having been a business leader, etc.)

    I guess I have always been the guy in social groups, etc, to suggest things, take the initiative...etc Most of my game type leadership has come from Everquest. I lead our elven guild there, Ghaellie Sidhe, in alot of pvp type engagements.

  4. What background/experience (in and out of game) has helped you with the *tactics and strategies* of RvR?

    I think most of my tactical sense has developed my whole life... love of chess, table top strategy games... I have also taken alot from RTS. Understand the system in which you fight. Learn how to maximize your potential damage while minimizing the damage you can take. That was the key to RTS and I think that is easily applied to DAOC. I think too many people focus on the first part, and not enough on the latter.

  5. . What is your approximate age? (20-24, 25-29; or 20-29, 30-39, etc.)

    im 25 now =)

  6. Do you have or have you had your own family? (i.e., live(d) in your own household (not your parents') with at least one other person)

    I live with my fiancee

  7. What are your goal(s) and motivation(s) as a leader? (e.g., to win? to make sure everyone has a good time? RPs? fame & fortune?)

    As a leader I am concerned with the wellbeing of my guild/troops/etc. I am hoping they are having a good time and enjoying being a part of a greater whole. I naturally want to win, but going out with a bang is fun too. =)

  8. What are the most important traits of a good leader, and what, in your opinion, distinguishes a good leader from a *bad* leader?

    I think the best leader has the abilitty to learn from his mistakes, thats kind of a cliche, but so true. Also, I know its hard in a game setting, but character judgement is crucial in guild leadership. You really need to surround yourself with good people so you dont have to do it all yourself. Its also inspiring to others when you dont pander to buddies, but promote or surround yourself with the best folks.

  9. What should an aspiring leader always keep in mind? What mistakes should he/she avoid? (Multple answers ok)

    Especially in a game... ALWAYS REMEMBER that they pay just as much a month as you do.

  10. What, in your opinion, makes a good follower?

    hmm... patience! And in line with that... faith that whoever is leading is doing his best.

  11. Do you have a leader role-model, or someone whose style you emulate in whole or part?

    man that Daros guy was damn cool!

  12. Who do you think are other good leaders (in game/out of game)?

    As far as games go, the best leaders I have seen are those passionate enough to keep playing forever and ever... but also JUST understanding enough to not be complete assholes. Granarc was like that, and so was Durgan. Galroth is possibly one of the best leaders to, tho his hours I understand suck. Hmmm out of game... I think Patton kind of fits that description. He was a crazy bastard, but just sane enough to be a good general.

  13. Any more comments on your own style of leadership (and/or "followship")?

    When I lead, i did my best to keep my mind on my men as well as the task at hand. People wanan know whats going on. By being a leader, i realize how hard it can be to keep people together. So I do my best to stick together.

  14. Bonus question: Some of you role-play while leading. Any comments on the role of roleplaying with leadership?

    I roleplayed Daros by basically imagining a revolutionary or homeland defender dedicated to a cause in a time of trouble. Someone with resolve based on the necessity of the situation at hand. This allowed me to be serious and patient enough I think. Normally im pretty silly ;) [Editor's Note: The personality difference between "Daros" and other characters of the same player are, in fact, quite noticeable.]

  15. Do you think leadership in DAoC has had positive (or even negative) effects in you and your Real Life? If so, in what way?

    To be honest, the main reason I stopped leading SR was due to real life pressures. I had recently moved and started going to a university, and it was difficult to spend time with my girlfriend, keep up with school, AND lead a guild. Perhaps its partially my fault for feeling responsible for everyone in the guild. I guess I took the role of guild leader seriously. I felt that my leading directly affected those people in the guild, and my absence thus diminished their guild experience, thus their play experience. Maybe thats an arrogant attitude, or perhaps a slightly too sappy one, I dunno. Either way, thats how I felt, and thats why I made the choice I did. RL comes first, no matter what.

  16. If you have alts that take up leadership, do you find that followers treat you differently when they don't know it's "you"?

    I have never experienced this myself, but I have heard of alot of cases where people have been bitched at or treated poorly by other players, only to find out it was the alt of some alliance leader, etc. On one hand, you should never bitch at or treat ANYONE poorly, but on the other, you shouldnt treat leaders with some kind of reverence either. There is a fine line of how to treat people in online worlds, and I think more people should try to find it.

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